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We are very proud that our accomplishments during the 2018-2019 FTC Rover Ruckus rookie season. At our very first competition, we were extremely happy to finish in 3rd place. We did even better at our second and third inter-league competitions finishing as the First Alliance Captain at both and also winning both tournaments with our Alliance partners. One of our proudest moments of the season so far was scoring 430 points, the 2nd highest score in the world at the time, with Rise of Hephaestus! Finally, we are extremely happy to have won the Ptolemy League Championship with the maximum Ranking Points possible (32) as well as receiving the Inspire Award. Here’s a complete list of our season's accomplishments:


Week 1 League Meet - Francis Parker High School

    5-1 record

    3rd overall finish

    2nd Alliance Captain w/13224 Face The Challenge (4)

    1-1 in post play match

    Finalist Alliance

Week 2 Inter-league Meet - Design 39 Campus (2)

    5-1 record

    Score of 342 w/4216 Rise of Hephaestus(3) during match play

    1st overall finish

    1st Alliance Captain w/4216 Rise of Hephaestus(3)

    2-0 in post play matches

    Score of 430 during final post play match w/4216 Rise of Hephaestus(3)

    Winning Alliance

Week 3 Inter-league Meet - Classical Academy Online

    6-0 record

    Score of 310 w/4262 Ridgebots(4) during match play

    1st overall finish

    1st Alliance Captain w/4262 Ridgebots(4)

    2-0 in post play matches

    Score of 330 during final post play match w/4262 Ridgebots(4)

    Winning Alliance

Week 4 Ptolemy League Championship - SET High

    6-0 record (32 RP, 2594 TBP)

    1st overall finish

    Score of 345 w/15146 Garage Bot(3) during match play

    1st Alliance Captain w/15146 Garage Bot(3)

    4-0 in best of 3 post play matches

    Score of 355 during final post play match w/15146 Garage Bot(3)

    Winning Alliance

    1st Place Inspire Award

    1st Runner Up Connect Award

    1st Runner Up Collins Aerospace Innovate Award

    2nd Runner Up Design Award

    1st Runner Up Motivate Award

    1st Runner Up Control Award

San Diego Regional Championship

    5-1 Record

    6th overall finish

    4th  Alliance Captain w/14338 CAOs Robotics(10) and 9902 San Clemente High Try[Tons}(16)