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Official Website Of Team 14496 Roboctopi

About Roboctopi

We really enjoy building successful and innovative robots. We plan on continuing to build robots and participating in First Tech Challenge for many more years. 2018-19 is our 3rd season participating in a FIRST robotics league (2 years of FLL, 1 year FTC). We have a wide range of ages and skills represented by our current members so that as older kids leave for college, younger members can step into their leadership roles. Check out our current roster of members. We’ve also been very effective at fundraising and engaging new kids and adult mentors in our community. Over the past 3 years, we have identified several key strategies to maintain and grow our team.

First, we need to effectively fund our team. We are extremely thankful to have received sponsorship from Qualcomm for 3 consecutive years. We’ve developed a great relationship with our sponsor and mentor at Qualcomm and will continue to maintain and grow that relationship. We’ve also raised money through GoFundMe campaigns from friends, relatives, and local businesses. While these 2 strategies have been effective we also realize we need to develop and maintain new relationships in our community among small businesses that understand and benefit from our passion for STEM, and we’re actively researching new opportunities.

We also need to invest and give back to our community. This year we helped start a new FLL team and are working toward starting a second FLL program in the High Tech Middle school community. We need to find both kids and adult mentors that are passionate about STEM to join our team as older members leave. Over the past few years, we’ve learned that the most important quality of successful team members and mentors is not their technical or mechanical ability starting out. The most important qualities to us are our passion for learning, communication and the ability to work well with others.

We need to recruit new members and be inclusive of talents and passions outside of STEM. We are super passionate about robots, but we realize that kids and adults have a wide range of passions and skills that we lack. In fact, we think we could make use of just about any interest or passion to improve. Someone with a passion for art, communication, social media, marketing, or business would make a huge impact on our team.

And finally, we’re developing skills to build real-world products for local businesses. While we are extremely thankful for the sponsorship we’ve received, we also want to provide something in exchange for investments from small businesses.  This season we built an LED powered promotional sign for our team. We think local businesses would be delighted to purchase a sign from us with their business logo or idea. We believe providing something of value to businesses and partners helps them to feel good about their investment in us and feel like they’ve made a wise decision that has a direct impact on their business.